Vendor Advocacy

Are you about to sell your home and simply want some guidance?

Buyers Agents Tasmania has been created to not only act on behalf of buyers in the real estate market but also assist home and property owners to make the right choice when selecting an agent to sell their home.

Choosing the real estate agent that will sell one of your biggest assets is not an easy task. Buyers Agents Tasmania know exactly how the process works and which agent can help you achieve the best results.

Our team are with you throughout the entire process. We refer 3 agents that will best suit you and your property. More if you wish. They will inspect your home and provide a market appraisal. Once these have been received we go through them in detail and decide on who will best represent your property.

This is a free service to property owners. To find out how this will benefit you please contact Sam 0439 639 508 or Sally 0499 109 146 or via email